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Reading device "survey"

I just returned to San Diego from a week in MD. On the return flight, which held about 80 passengers, I walked up and down the aisle serveral times. I noticed 4 Kindles and 2 i-Pads. My lightning like math skills tell me that's 7.5% (I think!). Not very high, but better than when I made the trip last year and saw but one lonely Kindle (in a more crowded plane). E-books are a coming wave, I think, but for now they are still merely a ripple. Has anyone else out there noticed anything…


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Aiding the flying public...

I wrote an amazingly informative and witty post last week, but I've been having some trouble with this site (it could be my computer) and the post disappeared into the electronic ether. So I'm switching gears from writing about e-publishing to reporting how my e-book is helping the flying public--or at least one member of it. Here's a review from a reader:

Review by: Halfrenchlady Vanina May 2010 :

I brought Tangled Webs with me to read on a recent plane trip. I’m so glad I did,… Continue

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More on e-publishing--how many of you own a reading device?

I wrote about some of the positives about e-publishing yesterday. Here are some of the negatives. To start, there is the small percentage of people who actually own a reading device. The number is growing rapidly, but it's still small. 5 or 10 years from now this will be much less of an issue. Reaching those people can be difficult, particularly for fiction. Sites like this one can help, because at least you have a target audience. But how many of you own reading devices?

The ease of…


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The ups and downs of e-publishing

Well, I finally did it. After too many rejections in the increasingly competitive world of real books, I decided to publish my mystery/suspense novel, Tangled Webs, as an e-book on The best things about e-publishing on this venue are that it's free and they take anything! (as long as it's formatted correctly) And smashwords gives the author about 80% of the book's price (match that, traditional publishing!) Another nice feature is that the author designates how much of the book… Continue

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