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“The Last Refuge” By Ben Coes

Ben Coes began his career in the public sector, working at the White House under President Ronald Reagan and President George H.W. Bush, serving as a White House-appointed speechwriter to the U.S. Secretary of Energy at the height of the Gulf War. He later became a Visiting Fellow at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government. A graduate of Columbia…


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“The Joy Brigade” By Martin Limón

When it comes to contemporary authors who write thrillers and mystery novels about Korea, Martin Limón, is probably the only name that comes to mind. Limón retired from military service after twenty years in the US Army, including ten years in Korea. He is the author of several books in the Sergeant George Sueño series with "…


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“Vanishing Girls” By Katia Lief

Katia Lief was born in France to American parents, grew up in Massachusetts and New York, and now lives in New York City with her family. She is the author of several novels; along with her new thriller series beginning with…

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“Beneath The Shadows” By Sara Foster

Sara Foster is the bestselling author of few psychological suspense novels, including Come Back to Me and the recent Minotaur release …


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Interview With The Finnish Crime Author Jarkko Sipila

We recently reviewed Helsinki Homicide: Against the Wall  (See…


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Kindle Corner: "Sandman" By Morgan Hannah MacDonald

Morgan Hannah MacDonald is the popular author of several romantic thrillers which have become a sensation in the Kindle world. Her favorite in writing is serial killers, but it wasn’t until she found she had actually dated one herself that a true writer was born. She is a member of Romance Writers of America, the San Diego Chapter, as well as the Kiss of Death…


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Crime Novels By Norwegian Author Anne Holt In Series Development

 (From Mystery Tribune): After the success of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, another series of Scandinavian crime novels is going to appear on TV; but this time from Norway... Anne Holt’s eight-novel Hanne Wilhelmsen series may be turned into a television series in the near future.

The Hanne Wilhelmsen series of…


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Fireproof By Alex Kava

Alex Kava (born Sharon M. Kava in Silver Creek, Nebraska) is the popular American author of psychological suspense novels. Alex Kava is a member of the Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, and International Thriller Writers. Her books have sold over 3 million copies worldwide. She is published in 22 countries and has…


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If you like Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code, check out "Sanctus" By Simon Toyne

Simon Toyne is a newcomer to the community of authors who write mysteries centered around ancient secrets, symbols and underground societies. Simon has worked in British television for twenty years. As a writer, director, and producer, he has worked on several award-winning shows, one of which won a BAFTA. He lives in England with his wife and family.…


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"The Columbus Affair" By Steve Berry

Steve Berry is the American author and former attorney who is well-known for his popular historical thrillers
The Amber Roomand


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Finnish Crime: “Raid And The Blackest Sheep” By Harri Nykanen

Harri Nykanen, is a Finnish author who has written nearly 30 books and is best known for his Raid series. While Nykanen's work has been translated into many languages, Raid and the Blackest Sheep is one of his only two novels published in English. Raid character in Finland, however is very popular and a TV series was developed based on Raid stories which has…


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An African Affair By Nina Darnton

Nina Darnton lived in Africa for five years, two of them in Lagos. She has been a frequent contributor to
The New York Times and NPR and a staff writer for
Newsweek. We had the opportunity of reviewing her new novel …


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A Simple Murder By Eleanor Kuhns

If you are looking for books from up and coming authors who have style of their own, Eleanor Kuhns's debut novel is a good pick. This year she won the first place in the 2011 Minotaur Books/Mystery Writers of America First Crime Novel competition for…


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“Fatal Tango” By Wolfram Fleischhauer

Wolfram Fleischhauer was born in Karlsruhe, Germany, in 1961 and developed a passion for foreign cultures at an early age. He spent a year abroad at an American high school before going on to study comparative literature at the Free University of Berlin. He has lived in Spain, France, Italy, and Belgium and traveled on four continents. His novels, typically…


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"If Thy Right Hand" By Robin Lamont

From a Broadway career to law enforcement and then to the literary world, Robin Lamont has definitely been on a long journey to become a novelist. After college, she worked as a Broadway actress and singer, playing lead roles in Godspell, Grease, and Working. Utilizing her acting experience she became an undercover investigator for a PI firm in New York City…


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A Look At "Hell Is Empty" By Craig Johnson

Craig Johnson is the American novelist and creator of the Sheriff Walt Longmire novels. So far he has written seven Longmire mysteries which have garnered popular and critical acclaim. He lives in Ucross, Wyoming, population 25 and his latest book,…


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Like Aviation Thrillers? Check out A Time For Patriots By Dale Brown

Dale Brown is the well-known author many aviation techno-thriller novels, including a widely popular series centered around the retired Air Force Lieutenant-General Patrick McLanahan. He has thirteen New York Times best sellers under his belt and…


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Cozy Mystery For Moms? The Body In The Gazebo By Katherine Hall Page

Katherine Hall Page is the popular author of the cozy mystery series featuring Faith Fairchild. She wrote her first mystery, The Body in the Belfry , in 1991 and…


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KBL: Kill Bin Laden By John Weisman

There are few folks who master the sub-genre of Military and Spy Thrillers; John Weisman is definitely one of them. He is one of a select company of authors to have their books on both the Times nonfiction and fiction bestseller lists. John pioneered coverage of Naval Special Warfare when he co-authored the No. 1 NY Times bestseller "Rogue Warrior," then conceived, created,…


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A Look At "Red Wolf" By Lisa Marklund

Lisa Marklund, The Queen of Scandinavian Crime as Henning Mankell puts it, is the Swedish journalist and creator of a very popular series featuring the fictional character Annika Bengtzon, a newspaper journalist. Her books have been published in thirty languages. In addition, Marklund is the co-owner of Sweden's third largest publishing…


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