Steven Hague's Blog – July 2008 Archive (5)

Weekly Blog - Monday 28th July

Harrogate And Other Stories…

This week’s special edition blog comes to you from the departure lounge of Barcelona airport. I’ve spent the last few days in the city with Lisa to celebrate her 40th birthday. It’s a fantastic place packed with the architectural wonders of that ‘modernista’ genius Antoni Gaudi, the tapas is varied and tasty, and the sangria slips down nicely on a hot sunny day. But enough of my European adventures, instead, let me turn my attention to the week before last,… Continue

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Weekly Blog - Monday 21st July

Due to technical difficulties (i.e. no time to write as I've been busy propping up the bar at the Harrogate Crime Writing Festival), there will be no blog this week.


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Weekly Blog - Monday 14th July

I spent most of last week working on the third novel in the Zac Hunter series, provisionally entitled ‘The Beholder.’ On Monday, the planets moved into alignment and the writing came easy, and by the end of the day I’d added almost 2,000 words to the novel. Sadly, this was not how the rest of the week panned out. Trying to be creative on Tuesday through Friday was like wading through thick mud. When this sort of thing happens (and believe me it does, usually for no apparent reason) all you can… Continue

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Weekly Blog - Monday 7th July

Last week was an exciting one, as it heralded my first photo shoot for a national magazine as part of the pre-launch publicity for the release of my debut novel ‘Justice For All.’ The magazine in question was Arena, and the photos and forthcoming interview will form part of a feature they’re running on young thriller writers. Six writers were covered in total, and I’ve been told that each of us will get a full page to ourselves in the magazine, so that’s pretty cool! The feature will be… Continue

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Weekly Blog - Monday 30th June

Since I last posed my blog, I’ve had a week away on ‘dog hols’ with my wife, Lisa, and our faithful canine companion, Murphy, plus our good friends Andy and Michelle (who also answer to Broadside Bob and Mrs Bip, but we won’t go into that now). The four of us go away for a week once a year in the UK, finding a dog-friendly cottage so that Murphy can come too, which has the added benefit of allowing us to visit parts of our fair and sunny isle that we haven’t been to before. This time, we… Continue

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