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Geting Inside A Cop's Head: Interview with Ellen Kirschman, Police Kirschman

F iction writers are always trying to figure out what makes a cop tick. What makes cops run toward danger rather than fleeing from danger? Are there any psychological motivations and stresses that might make a law enforcement officer crack or cross the line between law abider and law breaker? How far can their characters be pushed in the novel until their world…


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Writing A Crime Novel Without Getting Busted

By Mark Young

After chasing crooks for a number of years as a cop, I forget that some writers might break out in hives trying to figure out to write about the slimy side of life—interaction and investigation of the criminal world. Some writers’ life experiences might not have afforded them the opportunity to have a gangster in their face telling…


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Interview: NYT bestselling author John Lescroart

It has been more than two years since New York Times bestselling author John Lescroart visited us here on Hook’em & Book’em. There has been a least one major change in his writing career since that time which we will cover in the Q&A section below. It has been too long. Join me as we find out what has been happening in John’s literary world since we last…


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Interview: Author Vincent Zandri

By Mark Young

One of my favorite authors is Ernest Hemingway. As I prepared to interview our guest—international bestselling novelist Vincent Zandri—I could not help but make comparisons between these two men. Both men traveled extensively in Europe, loved to write, spent an awful lot of time in cafes and bars, and enjoyed the…


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What A U.S. Marine Taught My Daughter About Life

By Mark Young

My nine-year-old daughter excitedly edged through the fair crowd, going from booth to booth collecting free stuff—toys, pens and pencils, candy, free bottles of water, and balloons. She was a walking advertisement for the Republicans and…


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Interview: Ex-counterterrorism Agent Fred Burton

Chasing Shadows:
A Special Agent’s Lifelong Hunt To Bring A Cold War Assassin To Justice
By Mark Young…

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Bestselling Author’s Tips On eBook Self-Publishing

By Mark Young
Bestselling novelist James Scott Bell likes to take chances. This year—after successfully writing novels for traditional publishers for two decades—Jim entered the relatively new era of eBook publishing…

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Writers: Sacrifice for Success?

Confessions of a Workaholic
 By Mark Young
  This article has very little to say about cops, crime or mystery writing. It has everything to say about living,…

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Thank God He Is Dead, But...

By Mark Young
My first reaction to the news last night about the killing of Osama bin Laden was Thank God He Is Dead. But moments later, a Fox News channel switched their cameras to a jubilant crowd gathering in…

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Future Crimes

Can you imagine a world in which there is nowhere to hide? Where your expectation of privacy no longer exists? Where all your secrets might be revealed to the world? My current work in progress—Off The Grid, scheduled for release in December, 2011—is about these issues. A world in which a cop must live Off The Gridin order to survive a formidable…

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Domestic Terrorism and Writers

By Mark Young
Hate crimes and domestic terrorism investigations came to my mind  recently from two different sources— an arrest of a man accused of planting a bomb during a Martin Luther King Day celebration near…

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Ex-FBI Agent & Chicago Cop: Are You A Writer?

By John M. Wills
Editor’s Note: Today’s guest blogger is a man of many talents and experiences. John M. Wills is a retired FBI agent and former Chicago police officer with…

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Revenge: A Travis Mays Novel released as eBook

Just released my debut novel, REVENGE, this weekend online at Amazon & Barnes & Noble


"...Ex-cop Travis Mays starts a new life and a new career, teaching criminology at the university and building a cabin…


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Chapter 1: A Novelist's Journey To Self-Publication

Editor’s Note: Like my current novel, this story I am sharing is a work in progress. It is about a journey toward self-publication, a path I thought I’d never tread. I want to share bits and pieces of this journey as it unfolds in hopes of helping other writers make up their minds. … Continue

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Interview: Author John Lescroart

Join us on Hook'em and Book'e as author John Lescroart discusses his latest novel, Damage, released Jan. 4, 2011. Here is the lead in:…

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Interview: Novelist Dean Koontz

NYT bestselling author Dean Koontz took time for an interview today on Hook'em and Book'em regarding his soon-to-be-released novel What The Night Knows. (Release date: December 28, 2010). Once again, Dean keeps readers on edge with a novel that is hard to… Continue

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Police Snapshots for Novelists: Traffic Stops Are Deadly Business

A traffic stop for most motorists is an irritating experience: a red light flashes in your rear window and a police car trails behind with emergency lights flashing. You steal a glance at the speedometer and realized you just messed up. One moving violation ticket coming your way. Now… Continue

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Novelists Break The Law

Want to kill the action in your crime story? Let the main character announce they’re going to get a search warrant before barging into the killer’s apartment. Audiences hiss and groan. Writers want to slink back into the shadows. They know ‘waiting for paper’ is a real time waster and a fast way to kill your story.…


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Novelists and Dead Body Calls

Homicide Always Called Out? Join me on Hook'em and Book'em as we explore another way to add tension and problems to your crime novel. Start the tension before homicide is ever called to the scene. It begins with the officer or sergeant faced with making the right… Continue

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Making of A Gangster

Caution: This is not an uplifting article. It is a story about a war I witnessed on the streets of… Continue

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