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THE STALKER 2. (The Dickens Challenge)


“My father would turn in his grave.” Benicio Marques, Security Solutions’ general manager, stood under a cluster of palm trees strung with Christmas lights and frowned up at the space above the Tumon Bay Mall’s main entrance. There, wedged between Welcome to Micronesia’s Largest Mall and a row of illuminated wreaths, the red-and-green Pickle Kisser almost managed to blend into the festive color scheme.

“Your father turned in his…

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The Dickens Challenge has begun

I "stole" this post from Tim Hallinan's blog, The Blog Cabin. Tim's the guy in charge :-) If you'd like to participate in this challenge or if you'd like to get some more information first, please visit his blog:…


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THE STALKER 1. (The Dickens Challenge)


Mason Ward’s cell phone buzzed to life on the built-in shelf next to his bed. Instantly awake, Mason grabbed it before it could wake the young man sleeping next to him. “Ward,” he grumbled. He didn’t have to be polite; according to his phone’s display it was 4:30 in the morning.

Silence greeted him.

Mason disconnected and dropped back…


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I love and all the good people who are interested in THE PROTECTOR. Thank you so much for making this an extra special holiday season for me. You guys rock!

No. 2 in Books > Gay Mystery & Thrillers

No. 9 in Books > Gay Romance

No. 39 in Books > Gay Fiction

Oh, just so you know,…

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Pisces 2008

Too funny. I just saw this prediction for 2008:


The position of Rahu planet may result in your undergoing a long and distant journey this year.

Rahu must know that I am moving. Or wait, maybe I'm just going on a vacation? Seeing how I live on an island, any…


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The Dickens Challenge

Timothy Hallinan had a great idea: write a novel by the seat of your pants and post chapters weekly. The Dickens Challenge is just what I needed. Sign me up.

Look for the first chapter of THE STALKER right here on this blog next week. Since I scrapped almost the…


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