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A Traditional Writing Dude in a Non-Traditional Writing World!

Lots of things have changed since I published my first books in NYC....Check out the full scoop here at The Vincent Zandri Vox!

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To My Readers: A Big Thank You

Sundays are a great time to reflect...and to thank your readers! Check out the new Vox!

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Hooray for Hollywood!!!!

What's it take to get The Remains produced in Tinseltown???? I don't know, but my agent tells me the process has begun: Here's the story:…


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The Most Inspirational Writing Teacher I Ever Did Know!

Reporters, bloggers and readers often ask me about who was my most

inspirational writing teacher. Having attended and earned an MFA from

Vermont College, you might think it would be one of their esteemed

faculty. Not on your life! To be honest, I can't even remember their

names. My most inspirational teacher came into my life back in 1979 when

I was entering my second year of high school. Recently Writing Daze

asked me to blog about my childhood experience. This is… Continue

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The Prodigal Thriller Writer!!

It's good to be back in the game. And the new publishing model has helped.
Here's how!

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The Bedroom: Where the Magic Happens!!!

Writing is hard. It might even be the hardest job there is. Which is why

where you do your writing is so important. Having been asked by "Living

in the First Draft"
to describe the place where I usually bring my

stories to life, I discovered that the magic almost always happens

inside the bedroom, even if that bedroom is in Africa on board a

hospital… Continue

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The Case of the Autistic Savant and The Remains!

Lots of interviewers ask me where I get my characters from. real life?

Or do I just make them up? The answer is of course, yes and no. But in

the case of my new thriller, The Remains (Stone House Ink), and autistic

savant hero, Francis Scaramuzzi, the truth is stranger than

fiction....check out the blog… Continue

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The Remains Push on July 1st!!!!

hey all, don't forget The Remains E-Book push on Amazon on Thursday July

1st....The Remains, I'm told, will be offered for a limited time at a

significantly reduced price. Our… Continue

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The Remains is now Available for Pre-Order!

Get yours here!

E-Book release in three weeks....



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Kindles Outselling Print Books?

Check out my newest blog for the story:


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Moonlight Falls nails another 5 Star Review

From the Cajun Book Lady Blog Review!

Let me start off by saying I'm now a fan of Vincent!

I loved this book for so many reasons but I'll start with the main character Moonlight. He was such a well

built character that no matter what dastardly deed he did in the story,

I found myself still rooting for… Continue

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