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Crosswords or Cryptograms

Some people find joy and mental stimulation in the Sunday Morning crosswords in the newspaper. I like the crosswords, but what I turn to for a cerebral challenge - on the same page as the crossword puzzle - is the cryptoquips. They have always been my favorite.

The most frequently used letters in the English language are E, T, A, O, N and S - in that order. That is a major key in finding the solution to many a cryptogram. Look for double letters and apostrophes and you are…


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Addicted to Mysteries

I'm a lot like my father. I have to keep my mind working or the anxieties of mundane life catch up with me. The enduring cure for life's tedium is the mystery story. A mystery is a study of human nature, psychology and sociology. It is a puzzle that engages the mind of a reader unlike any other genre. I am disinclined to say it is the most popular of genres since I don't have the statistics, but take it into consideration. There are bookstores that specialize in crime & mystery. How many…


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Stories as Christmas presents

If you are anything like me you may not always have the money to buy Christmas presents. I believe the best gifts are a reflection of the one who gives it. I'm not a toy maker like Santa Claus - although I wouldn't mind having his job, and I do get to play the role at the family Christmas party. I'm a writer. My creativity is in weaving words, so for the past couple of years I have given stories as gifts. I write a new one for my niece every year. This year I have written two mysteries for a… Continue

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