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Back to the Billingtons!

I hit 200 words today so I'm please with myself! Hope I can do the same tomorrow, I'm not quite at the part where it all rushes from my fingertips but I hope that's just round the corner.

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The Billingtons

Weh-hey it's all getting exciting! Too busy to add more - how's that for mystery writing?

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Well it's been an interesting week. I came to the end of a chapter on the Billingtons and realised it is in fact the end of a section and now I'm going into the next part of the book. I've also spent a day and a bit working on synopses for entering the Debut Dagger. I'll finish that today and then get back to the Billingtons. Going out to a murder mystery night tomorrow, concerned that I'm getting a one track mind...

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Back to the Billingtons

Yesterday vanished, swallowed up by writing a synopsis and taking some photographs. It's all progress I guess. Today I've drunk tea and eaten chocolate, both signs of a promising word count. I'm writing up the Hudson case still. That needs to be complete by the end of the sfternoon so here goes...

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The next four - the last four of 1894

Newell, Emery, Knight and Rogers were next. They all murdered the women in their lives. What is it about us girls that seems to get under the skin?

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The Billingtons Progress Report

This blog is all about self-motivation so I need to keep the entries short!

I've decided to blog my book progress by documenting the cases as I'm writing them :

1894 - James Canham Read - serial adulterer - married with 8 children, secretly living in second home with Beatrice and another child, carrying on with married Louisa (he was the father of both her children) and having an affair with her sister Florrie who was pregnant.

Unsurprisingly it…


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