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In keeping with Easter (sort of)...

FOOL ON THE HILL -- a fast-paced, whimsical Tess Camillo mystery about a folk-rocker who gets crucified around Easter in San Diego-- is now available on, Barnes and Noble, Powell’s, and (hopefully) in bookstores near you! Its bright neon green cover should be easy to spot on the shelves. :) Cover-blurbed by Rita Mae Brown, FOOL ON THE HILL is the second book in the series.

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Another Sister in Crime Launches Her CrimeSpace

Here I am, lending my voice to the distaff half of contemporary mystery
writers. I write about a breast cancer survivor turned amateur sleuth.
To get an idea of the voice/tone of the books, pretend Kinky Friedman
and Janet Evanovich spent a wild weekend together and produced a love child, er, a book. I welcome all friends who like humor and sass
with their mystery puzzle. Happy reading!

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