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Vic Meets the Word Thugs

The bright lights of the box-stores reflected their hypnotic dance on Vic's black-plastic shades as he cruised College Drive. In a well, practiced move, he pulled out a matchbook with his free-hand, flipping a match over the edge of the book and brushing it across the strike-pad with his thumb. It sparked heat in a flash, and he brought the flame to the half-burnt Marlboro dangling from his mouth. The hard lines of his face illuminated in the rear-view.

With a…

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War on a Word

War on a Word

By Liam Sweeny

“We are fighting a War on Terror” the President said, soon after the tragic events of Sept. 11th. What the world wanted, what Americans needed, were answers, assurance, and the security of knowing

that our government was doing everything it could do to…


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