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Bangkok at the Crossroad of History

If you follow the news, you are likely aware that a large political demonstration is underway for this weekend in Bangkok (13th to 14th March). Hotels are reporting cancellations. Personal friends from England who’d planned to visit me this weekend have also cancelled. Many people are watchful as events unfold. Who are the demonstrators? And what do they want? Two complex questions and the answers will depend on whom you ask. There isn’t one single answer…


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International Crime Writers’ Reality Check Blog

We are four international crime fiction writers who have come together to blog as International Crime Writers’ Reality Check. Barbara Nadel has a series set in Istanbul, Colin Cotterill’s has a series set in Laos, Matt Beynon Rees has a set a series in the West Bank/Gaza, and Christopher G. Moore has set his series in Thailand.

We will be blogging about our lives, research, observations and writing from our region of the world. Reality check is our way of seeking out the facts and… Continue

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A Long Line of Zen Men

Cameron Hughes interviewed me for the Rap Sheet last March in Kona, Hawaii. I was attending the Left Coast Crime Conference. Film maker Tito Haggardt produced and edited the video.

“In his novels, Moore writes about Bangkok as if it were one of the most famous cities of noir fiction. The nightlife there comes off as mysterious, dangerous, and exciting and the people in power are cast as no… Continue

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I am a writer, a reader and a collector of books including some prized first editions. My first edition collection is modest. It includes The End of An Affair by Graham Greene (signed). Collecting books is a passion for many readers. For others it is an investment. Whatever your motivation for buying a book to add to your library price is always a consideration.

Since my books were published by various Thai publishers over the years, and the print runs were modest by large publishing… Continue

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Pundits have for the past year danced around those shoveling dirt onto the grave of traditional publishers. Not that publishers will vanish into the hole any time soon. But the emergence of ebooks seems ready to drive the mass of readers to electronic readers.…


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Creativity and the hive mind

One of the great challenges to creativity is the Internet as a portal to seemingly unlimited information. Entering that portal turns many of us into yak shavers. We finish with one yak, then another comes along, and another and at the end of the day, the floor is covered with pretty much an indistinguishable amount of yak hair which we’ve done nothing to weave into the next magical garment of the mind. Piles and piles of that hair build day after day until we no longer remember why we came to… Continue

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Crime and the Australian version of The Big Sleep

Authors of crime fiction often draw from real events to interject the feel of reality into their novels. Sometimes, though, reality becomes stranger than fiction, and the author may using “facts” that spoil the fictional world. For example, take a long trial before a jury and the judge nods off. No doubt this has happened on

more than one occasion. But what if the judge has a condition that predisposes

him to suddenly slip into a coma like…


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It is a hazy morning in Bangkok. More likely than not it will rain this afternoon and flood the streets for about an hour. That happens on Friday afternoons this time of year especially just as a massive weekend traffic jam is building up. I work out of where I live so I can look out at the traffic and try and understand the depth of the misery that comes from being stuck 2 hours a day behind the wheel.

I am putting together my stuff, and loading up the laptop as I prepare for a one… Continue

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