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Neuilly Plaisance

I am one of the organizers of the "Black Weekend" of Neuilly-Plaisance, near Paris.

This year, Anne Perry and Fidelis Morgan were with us.

The Lionceau Prize was given to Jacques Asklund and the Black Lion Prize to Tran-Nhut.

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34 years ago

Composer and singer Victor Jara was tortured and murdered by the anti-democratic forces of General Pinochet.
Music and all on my blog

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Soiorée littéraire


Les Femmes de Barbe-Bleue



Après Le Château de Barbe-Bleue de Béla Bartok, Ariane et Barbe-Bleue de Paul Dukas et Maurice

Maeterlinck, première nouvelle production de cette saison à l’Opéra Bastille, vient témoigner de

l’extraordinaire faveur du personnage de Barbe-Bleue auprès des compositeurs et des écrivains.

La dimension fantasmatique autant que littéraire de ce… Continue

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What I am reading, what I have read, what I want to read


Should you decide to become a member of goodreads, contact me there, will… Continue

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Opus Dei

Opus Dei is suing friends of mine, a small publishing company. Easier to attack them than Dan Brown :-))))

Quand la puissante Opus Dei s'attaque à une petite maison d'édition.


Créée en 1928 en Espagne à l'initiative de José Maria Escriva de Balaguer, prêtre catholique canonisé en 2002 par Jean-Paul II, l'Opus Dei, prélature de l'Eglise catholique, est une organisation puissante, présente dans le monde entier.

Maison… Continue

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Elections here in France

Well, Sarkozy won. He was not my candidate :-(((

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Elections here in France

Today is the first voting day for the presidential election. (Second and last part on May 6th.) 2002 was pretty traumatizing here because Le Pen (extreme right) went straight into the second part of the vote. BTW my ex, Jean-Hugues Oppel, wrote a wonderful novel on the subject called French Tabloids (hommage to Ellroy of course.) Some elements of the main female protagonist were inspired by me… Continue

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Blog in French

I just started writing a blog (in French)

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I put all my recent pictures online

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Just back from Corsica

Spent a week in Corsica. Just back. Found Newt's invitation and decided to join crimespace. I might decide to add a few pictures I took. If anyone wants some beautiful pictures from Corsica, just contact me. :-)))

During the holidays, I bought a book by Francis Zamponi, a Corsican detective fiction writer, but I have not had the time to read it yet.

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