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This week I read

Dearly Devoted Dexter by Jeff Lindsay

Die a Little by Megan Abbott

Dirty Blonde by Lisa Scottoline

The Last Kashmiri Rose by Barbara Cleverly

A Welcome Grave by Michael Koryta

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My September 11th post

Back in the 90's, my friend Troy, whose father had been a police officer introduced me to Concerns of Police Survivors(C.O.P.S.)

C.O.P.S. provides assistance for the families of police officers killed in the line of duty. They help with counseling, scholarships, summer programs for kids and teens and more.

Please consider making a small donation to C.O.P.S.

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Inside The Murder Book

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This week I read

Matchstick Men; A Novel About Grifters With Issues by Eric Garcia. Because I am writing a book about a con-artist I resisted reading this or watching the… Continue

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Recent and Recently-Recent Reads and Re-Reads

Recent and Recently-Recent Reads:

Tilt-A-Whirl - Chris Grabenstein

Rain Storm - Barry Eisler

The Overlook - Michael Connelly

The Winter of Frankie Machine - Don Winslow

Bad Luck and Trouble - Lee Child

The Janissary Tree - Jason Goodwin

The Song is You - Megan Abbott

Daddy Cool - Donald Goins


The Maltese Falcon - some guy... can't remember *smirk*

Death of a Citizen - Donald…

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A dubious brag

For the first time today I successfully picked a lock. I was able to repeat the feat a couple times too.

The things we do for research. OK, also so we can brag that we did them.

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I'm writing my first novel. Most of you have completed several, but I am going to ask you to throw your mind back to that first one and wondering if you could ever finish it. I've neve had faith that I could finish this book. In fact, that's actually been one of my biggest obstacles to finishing. Kind of like punching yourself in the crotch.

This weekend however, for the first time ever, I came to believe I might actually finish this…

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It's not you... it's me.

I'm still living out of boxes in the new house. I hit Ikea hard yesterday for the holiday tax-free sale. Big mistake. I didn't get home until six hours later. Still don't have the shelves I need for these many many boxes of books.

So anyway, I haven't been very active here, or elsewhere online. My apologies. So here's what you missed.

Recent reads: The Janissary Tree, Daddy Cool (Goines), The Song is You (Abbott). Firestorm (Caine), The Ikea catalog show.

Recent… Continue

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Where's Michael?

Packing to move. Thirty boxes of books and no end in sight! I close on a fine new house Wednesday and I am trying to be all ready to exit the current one, ASAP so that it can get a quick paint job and clean up. I need it to sell fast.

Consequently, I'm not being very active on line.

I was very impressed with Janet Maslin's review of "What the Dead Know" by Laura Lippman and I am looking forward to reading it, but I'm sure as hell not buying any more books…

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Have too much money?


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You have to watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIq6W7Qt-L8

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Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?

No, really. I'm seriously asking. Who would know that?

Hiya, Crime-Kids. Despite fear of social networking fatigue I can't resist joining this community. My primary blog is http://kokyu.livejournal.com. All my really sincere stalkers will find me there.

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