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I just got the world's shortest review

Or maybe not the world's shortest, exactly - I'm sure there have been shorter ones - but it's my shortest, by far. Three sentences, and one is a quote from moi. You can check it out here - however, since it's only three lines, I figure I may as well post it, so you don't have to make the extra click:

Jennie Bentley writes, "If Derek — 6 feet tall, with melting blue eyes,… Continue

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Confessions of a History B(L)uff

When I was in school, my favorite subjects, not surprisingly, were literature and creative writing, followed by assorted languages (all modern). On the flipside, I hated history. Not because I had a hard time memorizing all the names and dates, because I didn’t. And as a child of parents coming of age in occupied Europe, I even understood the importance of learning from the past so we avoid making the same mistakes in the future. But really, did I have to know the exact day Marie Antoinette was… Continue

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Reality vs. Temperance

My friend and yours, Jack Bludis, said this:

"I don't think 'reality' necessarily lends to make a book *seem* more authentic. It may just make it less readable."

Bloody brilliant, innit?

The occasion was a discussion about profanity in books, specifically hard boiled and 'noir' books, going on over on the DorothyL list. Some writers think that if a character would use the f-word in every sentence, then they have a responsibility to faithfully record…


Added by Jennie Bentley/Bente Gallagher on June 18, 2007 at 6:16am — 2 Comments

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