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My week

It has been a wild ride this week, folks. The paying job is just about to kill me. Not literally but close.

I have one short out at Mouthfull of Bullets (thank you so much BJ!) and one at Mysterical E.

Yall go read!!!!

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Checking in

I haven't posted a blog in some time in here, figured I might as well get caught up since I am sitting at home waiting on the insurance adjuster to do her thing. We suffered some roof damage thanks to all these spring storms, and now have to deal with the fall out. I dread my next insurance bill.

I have finished my second book in the series, working title, Buried Angel. It has been a very difficult birth, but hoping the revision/edit phase will go smoother.

so.... who's… Continue

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Southern Mysteries with a Side of GRIT newsletter

Latest news from the newsletter-

The latest installment in the monthly newsletter, SOUTHERN MYSTERIES WITH A SIDE OF GRIT, is now available! I appreciate all my new members who have signed up to receive this fun and informative e-news mail. If you haven't joined yet, you can do so by going to my website, and signing up.

This month is filled with articles on writing. You don't want to miss one issue! If you have any ideas, or want to submit content to Southern… Continue

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New short stories

Hello to all my fans, and friends. I have two very different stories available today. The first one, GOD GIVEN GOODBYE is an inspirational piece and you can find it at Long Story Short ( and the other one (a mystery entitled THE MASK written under my pen name Kaycee Conners) at Mouthfull of Bullets ( -- I would love for you to go and read (the LSS one is online and free - the MFOB one is in print and a subscription is minimal and… Continue

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Come to the Chat tonight

... over on at the No Whine, Just Champagne group's site.
we will be chatting about Writer's Block, and why do I have it?

We want you!!

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Chat March 27

Hello faithful fans! I am going to be hosting a chat over on tomorrow evening... at the NO WHINE, JUST CHAMPAGNE group. Our topic is one that all writers have and no one wants, WRITER'S BLOCK!

You just gotta surf over and stick your two cents in!
Time: March 27 at 8 central 9 eastern

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Short story coming soon

I have not let moss grow under my feet since my acceptance for publication at Enspiren Press. Although having Avenging Angel accepted has meant as much to me as the birth of my children (so you know it means a TON), I know that I must continue to evolve and grow and feed the hunger of the masses of fans that I am accumulating.

So I am proud to announce the soon-to-be released short story, THE MASK, will be out in the Spring issue of Mouthfull of… Continue

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First review

My good friend Ron Adams has posted his review of my book, Avenging Angel over at another ning group.

you can find it in its entirety at :

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March Find Me

I am online much of every day, blogging, commenting, writing articles, and generally surfing.

In the month of March, you will find me at :, authors,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

and who knows where else I will turn up!!!

Weekly I will be blogging at these fine… Continue

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Come out to play

at my new blogspot...

I am posting with three of the best crime-writers on the market :)
come over to play with us!

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I hope your day is filled with love and everything sweet!

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New Section

I need quotes from published authors for a new section on my website. I will be glad to put up your book info, and contact info(website etc) in exchange for a quote.

The idea is for new(aspiring and not so new and aspiring) authors to clip and tape these quotes to their monitors to keep them writing.

If you want to contribute you can send them to me at :

pubd2b at yahoo dot com.

The section is here:…


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Another article

You can see my latest article over at Inspired Author -- This one about how to create memorable characters.

I have contacted a few major league authors about my "quotes to write by" section of my website. If you are a published author, and you would like to have a quote posted in this area, please contact me.

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Murder and Mayhem



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Finding the muse

Creating a book is not easy.

But it doesn't have to be impossible either. Just make it a part of your life every day. Find inspiration in everything you do, and every where you go.

Are you waiting at the doctor's office? Pull out your notebook and jot down descriptions of some of the other patients. Are they terminally ill? Mentally ill? What could you imagine about them?

Find new ways of describing places as you go there. I once got the description for a police station…


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So. About me.

Today is my birthday and I am proud of it. Well, considering the alternative, I oughta be, huh??

So. About me.

People are gonna wonder why I started writing. What was the "thing" that did it to me, turned on the switch, sent me rushing down this tube like a water slide.

It was the pilgrims.

Seriously, when I was in grade school, our teacher made us write something about the pilgrims, for Thanksgiving. For my non-US friends, that is the big holiday here where we…


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New article

Hie theeself over to INSPIRED AUTHOR ( to see my modern take on S S Van Dines' "Twenty Rules for Detective Fiction".

You might even want to add your own!

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Short Story available

In order to whet the appetite of my blossoming cadre, I have several short stories coming out, including two using the characters from Avenging Angel. If you want to get to know Shannon and Dwayne a little better, be sure to pick up your copy of THE CHRISTMAS HEIST, available in print today.

You can make your purchase of the issue, or a whole year's worth of issues, at MOB (

I hope you enjoy my…


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Mystery Lovers Cons 2008

In no certain order :


Left Coast Crime

March 6-9: Denver, CO

Love Is Murder

February 1-3

Bouchercon 2008-Charmed to Death

October 9-12: Baltimore MD

The Edgars …


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Birthday wishes!

*Lifting wineglass in a little toast*

Happy Birthday to Marta Stephens, author of Silenced Cry and Crimespace member. Hope it is a happy one!
Kim Smith

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