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Book Review: "Breaking Point: A Joe Pickett Novel" by C. J. Box

Wyoming Game Warden Joe Pickett knew local resident Butch Roberson. At least he thought he did. Joe Pickett knew something was off with him when he encountered Butch Roberson on the Big Stream Ranch in the Bighorn Mountains. The owner of Meadowlark Construction in nearby Saddlestring had a large backpack--far larger than it should have been-- and a rifle. He claimed he was out scouting elk, but Joe figures Butch was responsible for cutting the nearby barbed wire fence. After Butch commits to…


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Book Review: "Sweet Little Hands" by Lawrence Block

Previously published in Enough Rope as well as “one of the Flesh & Blood anthologies edited by Jeff Gelb and Max Allan Collins” (a note from the author) the story has been re-released as an individual short story. The subtitle is “A Nasty Little Story” and it is certainly is on several levels. This adult tale is definitely for adult readers and is very good.


Jimmy is having an intense affair with a married woman. She does things to him…


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Book Review: "The Jurors Who Knew Too Much" by Gail Farrelly

Recently released by Untreed Reads this short story revolves around Lorna Lombardi called to serve as a juror in Westchester, New York one January. Kelly Meadows was the 46 year old woman on trial for the murder of her 50 year old husband, Tim. The couple were going through a divorce (though things were civil) and the man’s body (minus the head and an arm) had been found floating in the Hudson River about a month after he had been reported missing.


There is no doubt that Tim…


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Book Review: "The Texas Capitol Murders" by Bill Crider

The Texas Capitol Murders features romance, murder, a Texas Ranger, a governor afraid of his own shadow, strident anti-abortionists, at least one pervert (depending on your personal definition of “pervert” there could be a couple more), and other unique human beings. In other words, the read easily could be nonfiction, but author Bill Crider is offering this read featuring a cast of characters as a fictional mystery. Originally published in 1992 by St. Martin’s Press,…


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Book Review: "Double Vision" by F. T. Bradley

They say that each person has a double floating around on the world. Somebody that looks like him or her and may even act the same way. Nearly everyone who knows Lincoln, who goes by the nickname Linc, hopes and prays for his parents’ sake that this is not true. Twelve year old Linc has quite the reputation. Some of which he nearly deserves as he has caused a few issues over the years. At other times, he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Both are at work in the…


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Book Review: "The Good Cop" by Brad Parks

The death of a police officer is always a tragedy. The fact that it is being described as a suicide and then wouldn’t be covered in any depth by the Newark Eagle- Examiner is something that reporter Carter Ross does not know when he goes off to interview the widow. Noemi Kipps is a formidable woman who thought that the happy family would soon be going to Disney World. Instead, she has to plan the funeral of her husband and somehow raise their 7 year old daughter and 5 month old son…


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Book Review: "Bear Is Broken: A Leo Maxwell Mystery" by Lachlan Smith

Having just passed the bar a few days earlier newly minted lawyer Leo Maxwell expected a routine lunch with his brother Teddy Maxwell. It was 1999 and Teddy was deep in trial and locked into the case. When in trial he always ate at Coruna. That habit meant the shooter knew exactly where Teddy would be when court was in recess and could easily plan the attack. The shooter walked in and briefly stood behind Leo before firing one shot over his shoulder and fired one round directly into…


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Book Review: "Duckweed--A Short Story" by George Wier

Originally published in 2010 in Lone Star Noir, this short story is now available as a stand alone e-book. Carlos McDaniel was minding his own business as the small lake southeast of College Station, Texas when the two men in business suits showed up. Carlos liked going to the family’s small place at the one acre lake because it was an escape from reality for the real estate salesman. The family rarely came out there and he never had visitors. That is until that fateful summer…


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Book Review: "The Drifter Detective: A Jack Laramie Beat" by Garnett Elliot

The Drifter Detective: A Jack Laramie Beat by Garnett Elliott is the latest release from Beat To A Pulp and is a very good one. The striking and well done cover only hints at the powerful tale inside as the read takes readers to West Texas and the world of private investigator Jack Laramie. After a clash with a local ranch hand as he closes a case, Jack is happy to get back in his Desoto and head out of Cross Plains, Texas. He doesn’t make it very far down the road before…


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