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Book Review: "Dying Voices: The Carl Burns Mystery Series" by Bill Crider

Professor Carl Burns starts the fall semester at Hartley Norman College preparing again to teach the sophomore level course on American Lit.  While he has a few jitters regarding the start of the new semester he is very much dreading the upcoming Edward Street Seminar as their most famous alumni, Edward Street, returns to the small campus. The idea of a seminar celebrating the work of Edward Street had been hatched by the new university president Franklin Miller as a way of raising…


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Book Review: "The Coyote Tracker: A Josiah Wolfe, Texas Ranger Novel" by Larry D. Sweazy

May 1875 finds Texas Ranger Josiah Wolfe back in Austin, Texas and very much in career limbo. Wolfe is still is a Texas Ranger despite the recent events and the media backlash. But, he has been told to stay in Austin and await the arrival of Captain Leander McNelly who will decide one more time if Ranger Wolfe is worth it. Not only is his career with the Rangers at stake, so too is the future of the Texas Rangers as an organization thanks to the coverage by the Austin Statesman…


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Book Review: "The Disrespectful Interviewer: Thirteen Interviews with Authors" by Lauren Baratz-Logsted

Usually author interviews are done with the idea of civility and respect.  The same old questions can always be found in nearly every interview. Then there is this book and how Lauren Baratz-Logsted (LBL) does them. The Disrespectful Interviewer: Thirteen Interviews with Authors features interviews with a sarcastic tone along with plenty of references to the afternoon soap General Hospital.


The lineup subjected to both praise and ridicule is: Jon Clinch,…


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Book Review: "Red Mountain: A Detective DiPino Thriller" by David Thayer

The four member team sent to Rhinebeck, New York, had one target and one mission objective. The Durres Syndicate wants Walt Bergman dead and they want his records. As the commander of the NYPD Intelligence Division he knows where the bodies are buried on and off the force. He knows the identity of confidential informants, undercover police officers, and more. The information he has is priceless. Among other things he is involved in, Walt Burgman is trying to use one very bad man, Edon…


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Book Review: "Swan’s Landing: A Webb Sawyer Mystery" by Douglas Quinn

It is fall on the Outer Banks of North Carolina and the tourists with their frenetic energy and electronic devices have all gone back to wherever it is they came from. The peace and quiet has been restored and Webb Sawyer is very glad. Webb Sawyer isn't a slave to technology and is a man of simple pleasures and tastes. The plan he had for this particular Sunday seems to have blown up thanks to various women and their agendas.


One of the three women who changed Webb’s plans…


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Book Review: "Ring of Truth" by Elena Santangelo

Sara and Gen aren't getting along too well as the twin sisters aren't identical in their preferences. The last thing Sara wanted to do was spend the weekend working in their yard. Gen did and thought that planting vegetables and getting the mess cleared up was the way to do things. There is tension between the Ziegler two sisters and they don't seem to be the only ones feeling stress in the neighborhood.


Right behind their house is the Allen's place. Apparently the newlyweds…


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Book Review: "The Education of a Pulp Writer" by David Cranmer

The Education of a Pulp Writer is a gritty in your face read by David Cranmer that features ten short stories that predate his work in Westerns. The people in these stories are people living on the edge of, not just society as noted in the introduction, but on the edge of everything. Character desperation is prevalent here as is the drive to do something--even when the character knows it is the wrong choice. Sometimes it is greed, sometimes it is revenge, and sometimes they…


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