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Book Review: "On Dangerous Ground: Stories of Western Noir"


The world is filled with tomorrows and none are worth a damn, at least for me.  Tomorrow has some bit of hope attached. Things will be better tomorrow. I’ll have a decent job and a good solid wife.  Tomorrow I’ll have my health back or a brand new baby boy or a string of ponies.   (“Desert Reckoning”, Trey R. Barker, page 81)


The anthology “On Dangerous Ground: Stories of Western Noir” is filled with 21 stories by 21 very talented authors. The…


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Book Review: "Dirty Old Town and Other Stories" by Nigel Bird

Featuring nine stories by Edinburgh resident Nigel Bird, this short collection features tales told by adults and juveniles dealing with dark days and even darker thoughts. The characters often are not happy go lucky folks. These are people trying to survive in a world stacked against them. As such, sometimes the language is a bit coarse but life is not all tea and crumpets for these folks.


This short book opens with “Drinking Wine.” She has kids at home and needs a break.  If…


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Book Review: "Lake Charles" by Ed Lynskey

It is 1979 and Brendan Fishback isn’t doing too well in the game called life. Waking up next to a dead woman can cause huge problems. The fact that she, Ashleigh Sizemore, was the daughter of the wealthy and powerfully connected, Ralph Sizemore is a huge problem. Word is old Ralph is going to be a Senator. The fact that drugs were planted in the room is a huge issue. The fact that Brendan keeps having strange dreams and visions where the dead teenage girl talks to him about her murder is a…


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Book Review: "A Journey To Die For" by Radine Trees Nehring

This novel marks the sixth installment of the “Something to Die For” mystery series as well a new publisher. Carrie and Henry King are an active retired couple who recently got married and occasionally help out small town police with peculiar cases. They have decided to celebrate their eight months of wedded bliss by taking a day trip to enjoy the historic excursion train from Springdale to Van Buren, Arkansas. They will spend the layover in Van Buren eating and shopping before they take the…


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Book Review: "Breaking Silence" by Linda Castillo

The third novel in this mystery series, “Breaking Silence” by Linda Castillo, is quite possibly the most disturbing book to date.  Police Chief Kate Burkholder is hard at work trying to stop a series of attacks against the Amish while solving a complex murder case.


At first, what happened that cold December morning at the Slabaugh farm appeared to be an accident. The 5:00 a.m. phone call signaled something bad had happened before Chief Kate Burkholder was told of the family…


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