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Book Review: "Light Of The World" by James Lee Burke

It was supposed to be a glorious vacation for detective Dave Robicheaux, Alafair, Molly, and their friend Clete Purcell in the mountains of Montana. They are the guests of Albert Hollister. Mr.Holllister is a retired English professor of considerable reputation thanks also to his status as a novelist. His expansive property is at the foot of the Bitterroot Mountains in western Montana and should be the perfect spot for Dave and the others to recover from recent traumatic…


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Book Review: "Massacre Pond" by Paul Doiron

October so far has been unseasonably warm in Maine and Game Warden Mike Bowditch wonders what exactly is going on because nature certainly isn't behaving herself. Neither is man because Bowditch's friend Billy Cronk has found a nightmare at the expansive estate of Elizabeth Morris where he works. Ms. Morris is incredibly wealthy and has been quietly buying in significant numbers various adjoining parcels of land. In a highly controversial move she has fenced off the land, evicted those who…


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Review: "SUSPECT" by Robert Crais

If Police Officer Scott James had done something different that evening his partner Stephanie Anders would still be alive. But, she isn't because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time as Scott James was looking for a very specific noodle place a Rampart Robbery detective had raved about.  Nine months later, she is still dead, the suspects involved in a brutal murder are still running free, and Police Officer Scott James is haunted by terrible physical pain and horrific…


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Review: "These Mortal Remains" by Milton T. Burton

Last seen in the excellent Nights Of The Red Moon sheriff Bo Handel of Caddo County, Texas returns in These Mortal Remains. Beauregard “Bo” Handel has been sheriff more than thirty years and brooks no interference from the fools in Austin or Washington. He knows the people of his southeast Texas county and they know him. He also knows that sometimes people due amazingly stupid things. Things that can get them killed.


That is exactly what happened…


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Book Review: "Murder by the Marfa Lights" by Denise Weeks

Ariadne French, who goes by the nickname “Ari” never expected the call that she got while helping to paint her sister's house. Aaron Beecroft, Ari's boyfriend who took her money and her heart and left for Montana to set up their future only to not be heard from in months, is now dead according to the caller. Not only is he dead, he isn't anywhere near Montana either.


Instead, a neighbor found him dead in his small cabin in the area of Marfa, Texas. Now the caller, Gil…


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Review: "Her Last Breath" by Linda Castillo

The past has always been a huge part, if not the overriding main theme, of this series set in rural Ohio. The past has its hooks deep inside Chief of Police Kate Burkholder and hasn’t let go yet. The past is certainly not about to let go in the latest novel of the series, Her Last Breath. If anything, in this fifth book of the series, the hooks will set even deeper and will violently and excruciatingly twist in this powerful read.


Like the earlier books, this…


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