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Review: "Uncle Dust" by Rob Pierce

Dustin, aka Dusty, tends to be a loner. At the same time he sort of wants a family. Not a 24 hour 7 day a week family, but a family he could use as sort of cover in between jobs. Teresa and her son Jeremy fit that bill.


The problem with inserting yourself into a family is that, if you are not very…


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Review: "Bad Men" by Graham Powell

Bad Men by Graham Powell delivers the goods. The cover mentions the fact this collection is filled with “crime stories.” They definitely are crime stories. There are plenty of crimes, some mayhem, and a number of mysteries at work in these seven short stories. Short stories where people do what they do to survive and deal with the world as they see it.…


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Review: "Firebreak" by Tricia Fields

Weather in Texas often is one of two extremes--- flood or fire. It has been a couple years since the floods came to Southwest Texas. Now it has been 9 months since rain fell in the desert area and now wildfire is the threat to Artemis and the surrounding area. The threat comes from the north and south with Artemis trapped in the middle. Evacuations are ordered for parts of Arroyo County, but not…


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Review: "After The Storm: A Kate Burkholder Novel" by Linda Castillo

Thirty-three year old Painter’s Mill Chief of Police Kate Burkholder has seen plenty of bad things over the years. Going to dinner at her brother’s house might be worse. She has a considerable amount of dread as she and John Tomasetti drive to dinner and it does not take long for that dread to be justified. …


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Review: "RIOT: A Mike Dalmas Short Story" by Jochem Vandersteen

Mike Dalmas left Special Forces and came back home to spend time with his family. Things didn’t go as planned. These days he works for his father-in-law’s car dealership selling cars. That is when he isn’t doing the occasional black bag job for the Bay City Police Department. Sometimes they need a fixer or troubleshooter to clean up a problem and they have the leverage on Mike Dalmas to get the job done.



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Review: "The Deepening Shade: New and Collected Stories" by Jake Hinkson

Published by All Due Respect Books one knows that The Deepening Shade: New and Collected Stories by Jake Hinkson is not going to be one of those light and happy books. All Due Respect is known for their anthologies and other projects where the happy people and cozy cats would be killed and their bodies buried upside down in that old rock quarry outside of town. There are no happy people in The Deepening Shade: New and Collected Stories where the tone of the tales…


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Review: "Ryan Rides Back: A Wild West Story" by Bill Crider

It has been three long years since that late fall night that Ryan vanished from Tularosa. Many in the western town thought he was dead. Considering the physical shape he is in now as he rides into town it is amazing he didn’t die that night when Kane and his men ambushed him outside of town. Considering the shape he is in mentally something in him did die that night.…


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Review: "Thuglit!: Issue 18" edited by Todd Robinson

ThugLit! Issue 18 (July/August 2015) delivers again what readers expect out of this series. Characters on the edge money wise or in other ways doing questionable things in order to survive. They may not hate baseball and apple pie and may even crack a joke or two, but they are also folks that probably would steal from you as you lay bleeding out in the street. Not necessarily bad folks, but since you are dying and don’t need your stuff and they do, all is up for grabs.…


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BSP Sunday

I hate plugging my own stuff. But, I took a break from reviews and news on the blog today to do a small plug for me that includes reviews from a couple of folks that should be known for their own books.  Members of my local writers group saw this piece through several revisions making my effort better.

Kevin's Corner: BSP Sunday ---- Carpathian Shadows: Volume 2…


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Review: "Blind Eye: A Short Story Prequel" by S. W. Hubbard

When the Patrolman before you doesn’t do his job and dumps the case on you as quick as he could, it makes your job as detective that much harder. That is the problem that Detectives Coughlin and Holzer face as they go to a house in Palmyrton, New Jersey. Brian Fanning never made it home and his wife Michele called 9-1-1 in a panic earlier today.


What little they have gotten from the Patrolman Danneman does not sound good. Considering what he found, Patrolman Danning may have…


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Review: "Between the Living and the Dead: A Dan Rhodes Mystery" by Bill Crider

Clearview, Texas, in Blacklin County has a little bit of everything. Feral hogs, a Wal-Mart, and, of course, the occasional murder or death by misadventure. It may even be the home of a haunted house if you listen to some folks. Not that Sheriff Dan Rhodes puts much stock in ghost stories, haunted houses, or anything paranormal.…


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Review: "Scorched Noir: A Collection Of Southwestern Crime Tales" by Garnett Elliott

Scorched Noir: A Collection Of Southwestern Crime Tales features eight previously published tales by Yuma, Arizona native Garnett Elliott. That harsh desert landscape with limited opportunities is the setting for these tales. These short stories are set in Yuma, Arizona or towns like it contain a couple of consistent themes that become clear as one reads through the book.…


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