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Book Review: "Every Last Secret" by Linda Rodriquez

When Marquitta “Skeet” Bannion left family and her job as a Kansas City Homicide Detective for being the Chief of Police Chouteau University, she thought she would be able to leave all the bad stuff behind and make a fresh start. It hasn’t worked out that way as pulls back to Kansas City keep making their presence felt. She was sure that, at least, she would be able to leave violent death and murder behind. The fact that the editor-in-chief of the campus newspaper, Andrew McAffe, is…


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Book Review: "Quartet: Four Slightly Twisted Tales" by Janis Susan May

This short story collection opens with the longest story “The Breighton Emeralds.”  The emeralds are back and Tony Brayton isn’t happy about that at all. He is convinced the family legend is true and the stones are cursed. He also thought he had finally managed to get rid of them. The men of the family have been trying to get rid of the things for over two hundred years.  Where the emeralds have been in the past a male Breighton died.  Despite efforts at changing his name and protecting…


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Book Review: A WANTED MAN by Lee Child

For Jack Reacher, the car that finally stopped that Nebraska night meant that Reacher was finally going to be able to move along on his quest to see a woman in Virginia. Wintertime in Nebraska does not mean warm weather. Reacher was glad to get out of the cold. Especially as it had already been a long day and his busted nose was still bothering him pretty good.


When he climbed into the backseat of the car next to the woman it didn’t take long for him to realize…


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Book Review: "Stolen Prey: A Novel" by John Sandford

After 23 novels in the series there isn’t much Lucas Davenport has not seen before. This scene is a new one and very disturbing. The Brooks family home has been turned into a scene that screams of terror and desperation. The dogs were just killed. The family, a dad, wife, and two kids were tortured and eventually killed. Left behind written on a wall, most likely using the blood and one of the dad’s cut off fingers, is a chilling message-- “Were Coming.”


What the…


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