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Review: "Three-Minute Mysteries Bonus Pack" by Stephen D. Rodgers

Five short mystery stories make up the Three-Minute Mysteries Bonus Pack by Stephen D. Rodgers. Each short mystery is designed to give the reader enough clues to solve the case. Once you think you have the mystery figured out, you turn the page, and see if the solution is the one you …


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Short Story E-Book Review: "Daughters" by Nathan Walpow

Sometimes you know that your foe of the moment has no future. That he is too far down the wrong road so you put him down because you have to end his misery. That and you can rescue the three young girls held in the back of the van. It is just part of the job.


The woman in his living room also has a…


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Review: "The Prairie Chicken Kill: A Truman Smith Mystery" by Bill Crider

When you solve the murder of an alligator as well a few other things you get a reputation for getting things done. Truman Smith might prefer to sit at the house on Galveston Island, but Dino comes to drag him into yet another fine mess. Though, at first, it doesn’t appear to be that big a deal. At least not like last time with the hunt for Outside Harry.…


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Review: "King's Ransom: An 87th Precinct Mystery" by Ed McBain

It is October 1960 and Douglas King has worked himself to a position of some power at Granger Shoes. He has plans to move up and take over the shoe company as do others who intended to use him as a small part of their plans. Competing agendas and the future for Douglas King is at stake as his money is tied…


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Review: "Dragon By The Bay" by Garnett Elliott

A tale by Garnet Elliott is always a good one full of pulpy goodness as Garnet Elliot never disappoints. Such is the case with Dragon By The Bay, his latest novelette set in San Francisco in 1866. The Civil War is over, the Gold Rush is very much on, and people are active above and below ground…


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Review: "Robert B. Parker’s The Devil Wins: A Jesse Stone" by Reed Farrel Coleman

“You know what I think, Chief Stone?”

“What’s that?”

“Most of the time he loses, but sometimes the devil wins.” (Page 243)



It isn’t a point Police Chief Jesse Stone can argue. First with the LAPD and now with the Paradise PD, Stone…


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Review: "Flash And Bang: A Short Mystery Fiction Society Anthology" Edited by J. Alan Hartman

After watching the success of anthologies from other writers groups have had in recent months, the members of the Short Mystery Fiction Society embarked on their own anthology. Over three hundred entries were whittled down to the final nineteen tales showcased in the book. Variety is the key in Flash And…


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