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Review: "Three Can Keep A Secret: A Joe Gunther Novel" by Archer Mayor

Tropical storm Irene is bearing down on Vermont as Three Can Keep a Secret: A Joe Gunter Novel opens. For Joe Gunther and his team from the Vermont Bureau of Investigation (VBI) the storm means all hands on deck for anything and everything and that include them. It is only after the storm is over and the residents begin to recover that the teams’ investigative skills are put to work.


In one case a very long term patient known as “The Governor” who was housed at…


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Review: "Amos Hangs On" by Jim Newell

It is an idyllic spring morning at the lake as well as at the Andersons’ cottage. Natalie is baking something while Tom is working on his latest column for the Morning Chronicle. The family cat, Amos, is lounging on the windowsill eyeballing the birds that are going to and from a feeder in a nearby tree.


A bullet smashing through the window shatters the scene of domestic tranquility and the peaceful morning.


In the aftermath of the shooting, an…


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Review: "Thuglit: Issue 7" edited by Todd Robinson

Reviewing collections and anthologies can be tricky due to the nature of the short stories involved. One does not want to say too much and ruin the reads. Such is the case here with Thuglit: Issue 7 where the reading is once again very good.


Kim wasn’t really obtainable in “Mouthbreather” by Joe Gifford.  The man known as “Slim” has always been at her beck and call since they grew up together in different trailers in “Copperhead Canyon. A bond that even his wife…


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Review: "Cleveland In My Dreams" by Lawrence Block

Hackett has a serious problem and his therapist by the name of Loebner is not helping at all.  Hackett has told him again and again that his dream every night is always the same. Hackett dreams that a mysterious caller rings him up and tells him he has to drive to Cleveland. In his dream he gets dressed and goes out to his car where a briefcase is waiting for him on the passenger seat. He drives the briefcase to Cleveland and then drives back. Since the very real drive takes four hours to…


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Review: "Blade Of Dishonor" by Thomas Pluck

Reeves has come back home to Minnesota and the small town he grew up in to find the town has changed in many ways. The local Ford Plant has closed and the economic pain of that is just one of the things that continue to haunt the town. He has changed as well thanks to growing up and serving in the military though many folks don’t seem inclined to talk to him. The various ghosts of the past and shattered dreams haunt the town as well as Reeves and there are no easy answers for…


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