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Another book published!

Stairway to Hell - A comedy about a married couple with a lot of twists and turns.  A light and dark comedy about the supernatural, strange and unusal and twilight zone stuff. 

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Mystic Skies a new novel in process

Mystic Skies is an occultish type of genre' with some twists on a young boy named Frank. He discovers that his family is into the occult, but the twist is, who actually is his father? After finding out his heritage, he comes against some heavy duty questions on life, as well as, what is in this world... seen unseen.

I plan on making this into a series of books and possibly making it a 60,000 word books. Will work out what comes up.

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MIXED IDENTITY is a novel I wrote earlier, and now reworking.

Mixed Identity is about cloning and the consequences. A thriller based novel in rough draft at the moment. Cloning has been going on for years as they have been cloning various things... now it has come to the minds of men to clone people. Some scientist say they've done it already! My novel is about society, clones, the mistakes that happen with cloning and the "What ifs" questions that occur.

Mixed Identity is now in the "editing" process and getting ready for publishing. I…


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"A Fantastic Opportunity" my current novel I am marketing

The synopsis is all about a man in his late fifties. He has a wife and two teenage sons. His wife has had medical problems and the healthcare expenses are rising. Deep over his head in debt and wanting to find a better job as he has been working at a department store acting as the regional manager. However, he has hit the top with his earnings. With working sixty hour weeks, there is little hope that even a part-time job will dent his needs. One evening he is looking through the want ads.…


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