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Overlooked holiday

Some holidays get more respect than others. Tomorrow we should not let one such overlooked day slip past. Sandwiched between Mother's Day and Memorial Day - both of which get great attention in homes and stores - lies Armed Forces Day. This year, let's remember the men and women who keep our Mothers safe, and not wait until they're in a cemetery to show some appreciation. Make some noise in their support, whether or not you think their current mission is the right… Continue

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My Own Contest!!

The friendly folks at Crime and Suspense Magazine have launched the “Austin Camacho Beltway Crime Writing Contest” which will run until July 7th. There are three levels of prizes, but the big winner will receive a set of all four Hannibal Jones mystery novels, signed by me.…


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Signing at the Big Store!

This Saturday I will be signing books at what I believe to be the biggest bookstore in my area, the Barnes and Noble Booksellers in Tysons Corners. This vast, 34,000 square foot, two-level store is a literary Mecca for booklovers in Northern Virginia, and I’ll be there as part of a mystery author trio. From 1 pm to 4 pm you can meet me, along with T.K. Kenyon, the author of Rabid, which got a…


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Defending the fort

The Fort Clifton Festival was the usual fun, and a good chance to sign a few books. Plus, it took place on an almost perfect weekend to spend outdoors. I say almost because Saturday we had to pack up a little early due to a sudden…


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Festival Book Signing

I'll spend this weekend enjoying some fresh air at the Fort Clifton Festival. What started as a simple portrayal of the historic significance of the fort in the Civil War has grown to include 20 Civil War relic exhibits, reenactors, demonstrations and more than 100 arts and crafts folks selling a variety of hand made items. Children's rides and good food will be available, and this year so will my novels. If you come down to get one you could be one of the winners of their daily door prizes and… Continue

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Check out Mystery Net

Are you all regular visitors to Mystery Net already? For more than a dozen years, Mystery Net has been the place to go for online mysteries and mystery games. Every Month the site features puzzles with names like See-n-Solve, Solve-it, Twist and Flash mysteries. Members post Get-a-Clue mini-mysteries and teasers every day.

The web site is also a resource for mystery books, TV shows and games. There's a marvelous mystery time line tracing the history of the…

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No Malice but Very Domestic

I certainly made a number of unexpected friends during the weekend. Despite their focus on amateur sleuths, the folks at Malice Domestic were very welcoming and gracious to this private eye writer. The overwhelming majority of attendees were women, but they didn't make me feel weird being there. Well, maybe a little at the end during a formal tea and the best hat contest.

The Agatha Awards banquet is the major draw of course, but I have to admit that I had the most fun at the start of… Continue

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Malice forethoughts

It's a three-day weekend for me - my first appearance at Malice Domestic. Malice has been an annual convention in the Washington, D.C. area for 19 years, saluting the traditional mystery. That means their focus is on books patterned after the works of Agatha Christie - no explicit sex or excessive gore or violence and usually featuring an amateur detective, a confined setting, and characters who know one another. Of course my detective Hannibal Jones is no amateur, but enough of my writing pals… Continue

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Catching up the latest news

Hey, gang, I realize I got caught up with family business - new grandson parachuted in from heaven last night - but there's book-related news to share too.…


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Grandpa again soon...

My youngest girl has brought her family back to Virginia for a while because she's due this week with baby #3 and wants to be with her mama when he pokes his head out into the world. Naturally, there's been much chatter about, and with, children around here. Knowing my love of the language you won't be surprised about some of the awful puns this has all dredged up, like trying to determine whether or not the Little Mermaid wears an algebra and wondering if infants enjoy… Continue

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Join me for lunch!

Saturday will be special for me because I've been invited to the fifth annual Booklovers Luncheon in Baltimore. This event, co-sponsored by the Enoch Pratt Free Library and Karibu Books presents local authors in the most favorable way - with a meal. It will all start at 1 pm at the Metropolitan United Methodist Church at 1121 West Lanvale Street in Baltimore.

After our meal, three other authors and I will each have 15 minutes to read and present ourselves to the…

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Filling in the Details

Yeah, yeah... I said the weekend was busy but didn't actually SAY anything, huh? Well, Saturday I got to play the presidential role at another Maryland Writers Association annual conference. Most people said they were impressed by the Maritime Institute of Technology and I'm pretty sure we'll be there next year. I got positive comments about the sessions, the agents present, and our stalwart editors Melanie Rigney and Beth Rubin. I have to admit, though, that the most positive feedback was for… Continue

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The Unanswered Question

After a full weekend of book events I think I heard just about every question ever asked about our wonderful language. And I heard answers for them all too, except those age old conundrums like: Would a fly without wings be called a walk?

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BUSY weekend, part II

I’ll spend Sunday in Kensington, MD, celebrating the International Day of the Book. From noon to 5 pm the town's Howard Avenue becomes a literary street festival. Planned activities include free rare book evaluations at the Kensington Row Bookshop, chess games against an international master, local storytellers, and the live appearance of Sherlock…


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Busy Weekend -

This weekend will be a busy one for me. Saturday, as president of the Maryland Writers Association I will preside over our annual writers conference. From 8 am to 6:30 pm in the Conference Center at the Maritime Institute of Technology - 692 Maritime Boulevard, Linthicum Heights, MD - we will present sessions led by established authors, instructors, and experts. We've created a program of value to all writers, from the most basic beginner to the long time published author.

I'm very… Continue

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No, it's not ALL about drinking...

Partying is not all I've done in the last couple of weeks. My signing at The Book Space inside the State Department headquarters building was both great fun and a solid success. My Stark and O'Brien books went over well there because I met folks who had been stationed in…


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Older, yes. Wiser...?

I’m just coming down from my annual birthday weekend celebration, during which I make it a point to over-indulge in all important ways. It is a practical method of testing the limits of the systems. I’m happy to report that once again I managed to avoid the dreaded fate in the drinking rhyme - One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor.....

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