Eric Stone's Blog – September 2007 Archive (2)

Maybe A Moose

Talking to the locals you might get the impression that moose are as

thick on the ground in Alaska as rats in Rome.

They aren’t. Not that I can see.

Alaska has lived up to most of the superlatives. But it has been something of a let down in the charismatic mega-fauna sighting


Three eagles, some white dots in the distance that seemed to be dall sheep, a couple of swans, otters – plenty of otters,

both ocean going and river otters (you can tell the… Continue

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Ships and Other Big Things At Sea

Attempting to beat the heat - 107 (41.666 celsius) in our neighborhood

yesterday - Eva and I and a couple of friends took to the water. We

drove down to Long Beach, boarded a large catamaran and motored out to

the channel between the mainland and Catalina Island. It was a whole

lot cooler on the water. In spite of which - and a liberal slather of

sunscreen - I got viciously sunburnt.

We did see whales. Blue whales, the biggest animals on Earth. We saw five of… Continue

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