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Sheep Among Wolves - a review of Gone Baby Gone


Despite the huge amount of bad turns Ben Affleck has taken in his career, I've always retained a soft spot for the guy. Maybe it's residual affection for his work in Kevin Smith's best movie, Chasing Amy (and even for the more critically derided Jersey Girl), or for his work with writing compadre, Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting. It may even be for his work on… Continue

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On High in Blue Tomorrows - a rambling review of Inland Empire


So, on Saturday I picked up David Lynch's last movie, Inland Empire on DVD.

And I watched it last night.

Where to begin?


OK, so like much of Lynch's recent output, Inland Empire is baffling, beautiful, hypnotic and frustrating, all at once. It begins for the first hour to make a sort of sense. Laura Dern plays a actress who takes on a new… Continue

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