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Thank $&£% for Lemonjuice -- A Word on Crime Writers and Research

A column I recently wrote for the "Crimescene" website:

Crime, to a writer, presents a fascinatingly…


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"Disposal" - an excerpt from <i>Contract</i>

Disposal of a Corpus Delicti, if you want to know, is not as easy as you’d think.

The stink of decomposing meat is the biggest problem. Time, forensic traces, bone-digging dogs, dental records,…


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In at the deep end, surrounded by sharks, wearing raw-meat trousers.

People keep acting like I'm mad when I mention how Green I am. Why deny it? I'm a newbie, a n00b, a wannabe, a tryhard. My first novel is published next month - by a decent-sized and perfectly respectable publisher, no less – so I'm permitted, I think, a little quiet smuggery. Fine. But I try to temper that, always, by inserting a thick vein of cynicism into conversations, and people just Don't Like It.

"Yes," I'll say, nodding politely. "I…


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