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I used to be good at this internet stuff . . .

...But I fear I am have reached my technology threshold. Messages I thought I snet... were never received. Things I thought I posted haven't appeared. Is it me or this system? (I fear I know the answer.)

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Bernard Henri Levy and Cesare Battisti

Google translation from French to English gives its own peculiar charm to a document. But it is still better than my translation. Here's the google-translated version of a conversation between French philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy and Italian writer Cesare Battisti, currently… Continue

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from Barats and Bereta, who also brought you Flag Makeover, and their theme…

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Oh. . .


First Canada, now France.

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100 Monkeys Typing

this is where I go for the play by play as the world continues to slide into greater and darker absurdity. The Monkeys cover the political quirks and cultural subtext most of us miss.

"I hope you can find a suitable explanation for Theodore’s
unusual conduct."

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A Kiss is Just

So a warrant is out on Richard Gere (and Shilpa Shetty) for Gere's hug and cheek kiss of Shetty in a faux Bollywood dance at an AIDS awareness event in India.

This happens relatively often in India, an offended individual files a case of obscenity against a prominent person for a kiss, usually in a Bollywood film. The case makes the media, and inspires lots of chatter… Continue

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Planet of the Cats


... supports my theory that the "lower animals" are evolving faster than we are, (especially true for… Continue

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