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Here is my first offering




The courtroom had been hushed; the jury warned that the recording quality was bad; that the volume needed to be low.

   ‘It’s my fault. I stuck it to her. It was my knife that killed her.’ Corinne listened to the words horrified. They were her words, it was her voice; but she had never linked those phrases in a conversation and she hadn’t killed her mother.

   ‘You know I didn’t say that,’ she screamed at the witness. ‘You’ve created that tape. Why are you doing this Sandy? You’re my sister for God’s sake.’

   ‘Silence,’ the judge snapped. ‘Please control your client Miss Matthews.’

   ‘May we have a short adjournment?’ Mattie asked. In the interview room she bid Corinne explain.

   ‘It’s my fault, I’ve said that a hundred times to Sandy and her to me. It’s our way of clearing the air. I don’t know why she recorded it.’

   ‘What about, I stuck it to her?’

   ‘That was about a dispute at work. Sandy came up with a strategy for defending me. She asked me how it went and I said I stuck it to my boss, and I won.’

   ‘What about the knife?’

   ‘It was a knife I used as a girl guide. It was in a drawer in the garage. The police said it was the murder weapon. Sandy asked why the police were concentrating on us rather than finding the killer; that’s when I explained about the knife.’

   ‘Their case is built on motive, the value of the house and the money remaining from the lottery win; only you and Sandy are the beneficiaries.’

   ‘Just Sandy if I’m convicted. You have to explain,’ Corinne pleaded.

   Back in court Mattie had no questions to ask; the tape stayed unchallenged; the verdict was guilty.

   In the wine bar Sandy and Mattie raised their glasses in triumph. ‘I still say you shouldn’t have told your mother you are a lesbian; she wouldn’t have threatened to cut you out of her will if you hadn’t.’

   ‘Let’s go to my place, now we can have it all to ourselves,’ Sandy proposed.

   ‘And make plans for the money. You were right to act before your mum wasted it all.’


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