5 Solid Reasons to Read Short Story Series

Trestle Press, my most excellent indie publisher, produces a pile of short story series. One of them, Amish Knitting Circle, owns the top spots for short stories in the entire world. That's not an understatement.


My own Maynard Soloman series of crime fiction humor is fortunate enough to be featured with these other excellent short story series. But I was never a big short story guy until I came to Trestle Press. I'm starting to understand the value of having quick bits to read on an e-reader.


Here are five reasons why you might consider checking a series out:


•    New installments on a regular basis make it easy to follow characters and plotlines.


•    Each installment is usually at the painless purchase point of 99 cents.


•    Many people don't have a lot of time to read an entire novel.


•    Great way to discover a new and emerging author without much investment in time or money.


•    Talent shines in small spaces. Authors are naked in shorter works. Think of novels being a rock band playing songs all full blast with tons of distortion. Short stories are the unplugged versions.


That said, here is the massive list of short story series that Trestle Press is cranking out, with about one new installment each day:


Karen Anna Vogel-“Amish Knitting Circle”


Roger Rheinheimer/Crystal Linn- “Amish Forever”


Paul D. Brazill- “Drunk on The Moon”


Chantal Boudreau- “Weird, Wicked and Wonderful”


Benjamin Sobieck-“Maynard Soloman”


Darren Sant-“Tales of The Longcroft Estates”


Mark Miller-“One”


Sam Lang –“Reprisal”


Jochem Vandersteen-“A Mike Dalmas Story”


B.R. Stateham- “Call Me Smitty”


William Tooker-“Slouching Towards Bethlehem”


Mark Miller-“New Kids on The Rock”


Mark Cooper-“How I Met Your Mother”


Lisa Taylor-“Shana Black”


Alexandrea Weis-“NOLA”


Celilia Robert-“The Soul Collector’s Series”


Cody Toye- “Dribbles the Squirrel”


H.R. Toye- “Debtor’s Chip”


The Author’s Lab/Collaboration Series


S.L. Schmitz-“Mina’s Daughter…The Harker’s Chronicles”


Whit Howland-“The Cain Series”


Heath Lowrance- “Deadland ,USA”


Michael Tabman- “Bad Intent”


Julia Madeleine- “The Devils’ Music”


Big Daddy Abel-“Open Mic”


Heath Lowrance-“That Damn Coyote Hill”


Thad Brown-“Smoking Gun Sisterhood”


Darren Sant/Sam Lang-“Severed”


McDroll-“Kick It”


Luca Veste- “Liverpool 5”


Col Bury- “Manchester 6”


Angelique LaFontaine/Eddie Frantom-“Thirty-1”


Sue Mydliak- “Friday Flashes”


Tanya Cotios-“Wicked Little Lies”


R.Thomas Brown-“Old Man Coyote”


Check 'em out!

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