I was going to post a blog about something terrible I experienced recently, but now it seems a bit unimportant. Some of you may have heard, but a couple of hours ago, there was a terrible shooting at a mall here in Omaha. It always makes you feel terrible when you see this sort of thing happen in some far away city; but when it happens almost literally in your backyard, it suddenly doesn't feel real. As I sit here typing this, I can hear the police helicopter circling. Suddenly it becomes very real that 9 people lost their lives a 5 minute drive from my house. Well, 1 of the dead is the shooter, but there are still 2 or 3 fighting for their lives in the hospital. What could be so horrible in your life that you have to take other people with you when you decide it's your time? To just randomly pick people off, watching them attempt to flee for their very existence, some hiding in restrooms and coat racks? Anyway, please say a prayer for the souls of the victims and their families. I guess that's all i can do now.

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