The advance copies of Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere are being sent out and blurbs have started to come in. This is very exciting.

“McFetridge has a verteran’s way with dialogue and prose, and the pages fly by like greased lightning. You’ll love every word, from the very first windshield splat, all the way to the dynamite end. Who’d have thought there was such a seedy side to Toronto, and McFetridge is the perfect guide. Everyone Knows this is awesome!”—Victor Gischler, author of Shotgun Opera

(I'm sure Shotgun Opera is good, but come on, I'm really looking forward to Go-Go Girls of the Apocolypse)

“Crackling dialogue, explosive action, cops, crooks, and the deadly setups, scams, and mind games these underworld types play. Sounds like a good Elmore Leonard novel. Reads like one, too. Enjoy.”Parnell Hall, author of Hitman

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