Hey Crimespace-keteeers,

Some of y’alls might know me from my website THUGLIT. Some of you might know me personally. Some of you don’t know me from the proverbial hole in the wall. Either way, if you got five minutes, I need a solid.

Long story short, my long suffering novel The Hard Bounce has made the semi-finals in the Court TV/Borders Search for the Next Great Crime Writer competition. There are 25 novels left from a starting number of 247 and, well...if you've got those five minutes, I could use your votes and comments ASAP. Comments are almost as important as the votes, as in the event of a voting tie, those with the most comments move on to the final round. If you have said moment, I've broken down the process below.

1) Go to www.gather.com and register for the site - it's free and pretty simple.

2) Once you're registered, head on over to www.gather.com/viewArticle.jsp?articleId=281474977201940 for the second chapter.

3) Read the story (thus far) and give it 10 stars, if you would (only votes of 10 stars are being counted in the contest). The stars are beneath the text, but above the user comments. And if feeling the vibe, please leave a glowing review!!!

Thanks for your time all.


And although the voting is closed on Chapter One, you can find it here:

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Comment by Sophie Littlefield on December 23, 2007 at 8:25am
great chapter, Todd - hope it goes all the way - sophie

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