The things you see when you're out and about and up to no good...

I was out running errands today (doing some shopping...getting the monster puppy new food and water bowls, collar and leash...he's outgrowing EVERYTHING at an astonishing rate!!!). I figured I would get them done today since I was off duty and the monkeys (the two of our three children who are still at home) were at school.

As I was leaving my favorite local mass retailer, I noticed a couple in the parking lot having a good old fashioned, knock down, drag out, screaming, yelling, cussing, and name calling match...right there in the middle of the parking lot. He on one side of the car, she on the other, their faces red and angry.

You couldn't not notice them...their voices echoed over the entire parking lot. My first thought was, "Wow, I am SO lucky to NOT have that."

I finished putting my packages in the back of my Jeep and got in, buckled up, started the car, lit a cigarette, and called my husband while the car cooled down. When he answered, I told him I loved him. I told him what I'd just seen (and was in fact still watching, to see if it was going to escalate to a point where intervention was needed), and then I told him how much I appreciate him and how happy I am that we aren't like that.

We talked for a few more minutes, and as I hung up the phone and got ready to pull out of my parking spot, I noticed the couple had stopped arguing and were leaving; their anger still visible in the lines of their bodies as they drove past. I thought to myself that I could see that entire scene in a story, and more or less started working it up as I went about the rest of my errands. So it will show up somewhere eventually. If Tribe still had Flashing in the Gutters up, I could write a quick flash piece and send it to him. More likely, I'll work it up into a longer story and submit it to Mouth Full of Bullets (I LOVE MFOB!)

Anyway, thought I'd share.

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