The punishment does not always fit the crime. It depends on too many factors. She was dead there on the hotel room floor.. dead, dead as dead can be. He stood there looking at what he had done. He thought about the punishment for his crime. Life in prison? Dealth? eternaity in hell? He wondered if he would pay for this one day. Maybe so, but not today. No one had heard her die. IT was a silent dealth strangulation he overpowered her put one hand over her mouth the other around her thin neck, She was so thin.. that with one hand he choked the life out of her. He felt the life drain from her body slowley she stopped struggling until she was still, silent, dead. The phone rang as he re-enacted the deed in his head. The sound of the phone was deafining! Who was it damn it he thought. He paused before he answered the phone... He tried to sound normal on the phone. "Hello? Hello the voice said is shana there? he looked over at her body and said she is unavailable right now. He heart beat wildly with an excitment mixed with fear that he did not understand. So now what? He thought first that he would get rid of the body. Then he thought better of it he would never get out of the apartment building and he did not have the stomach to chop up the body. So for the next 2 hours he cleaned the apartment made the bed with her in it. Arranged her in the fetal position and left the apartment.

More tomorrow..

LeAnnDra D.

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