It is 2008. The New Year is upon us and just as quickly everything else settles into place. It is back to the proverbial grind. Work and more work, along with my paying job, I have a book release to get ready for…and believe it or not, it is not too early.

Small press or big press, the author has to be available, and has to spread the word. That means reviews, press releases, gigs, advertising and anything else that comes along. That is my agenda for this year.

The great news that absolutely delights me is my short story in The Heat of the Moment (the Echelon anthology –where royalties go to San Diego to help the fire victims) I’m sure I mentioned it once or twice, all right, more like a dozen times, but I digress, a few people have read the short story, (a plug here-A Gallery in Chicago) and have loved the story, the characters and can’t wait for the book to come out.

I expect that from family and friends, but praise came from very unexpected circles. Now that is exhilarating, and that helps me to spread the word and promote A Hotel in Paris and of course The Heat of the Moment.

Happy New year to everyone.

Till next Saturday,


Margot Justes

The Heat of the Moment Anthology

A Hotel in Paris June 2008

Echelon Press LLC 2008

Available for pre-order on amazon

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