"Are you sure you want everything?"

"Yes. Everything."

"Anchovies? Jalepenas? Garlic?"

"Well, my husband and I don't like pepperoni very much. You can leave it off."

Winners Pizza in Thousand Oaks is being run by real Italians now and there is nothing else on earth like their deluxe pizza, which has every topping on it that the restaurant puts on pizza. Yep. About fouteen different tastes including fresh tomatoes, onions, mushrooms and even eggplant. I could hardly think on the way home. The aroma escaping from the box next to me on the front seat was VERY distracting.

I had a rough time getting out of the door at work to go get my hot pizza. I had to clock back in and fix the ladies toilet before I left. No one made me do it, but since the Warehouse Manager, already gone, and I are the only ones who know how to fix it, I knew that there'd be an "out of order" sign on the door until Monday if I didn't. Fortunately I've done it often enough since someone lost the "s" clip that fastens from the chain to the flange to develop some real speed. Not just anyone can figure the correct ratio of chain to hook while substituting a paper clip. I credit the poverty of my childhood in Atlanta. Sometimes it's a good thing to have been disadvantaged.

Today was a special day. Yes, today I did the dance of joy after my sweetie checked the orders, but I need some advice. We are making our own bookmarks, but would rather not be. Does anyone know a good place from which we can order bookmarks in quanity, get good workmanship, and great price, and the option of being able to piece out our order with at least one area of the bookmark open to changes? We want to be able to order and have each booksigning get bookmarks with that location and date, but still get a good price. I'm open to suggestion, on or offline companies. Anyone have any experience with this?

:-) Mari

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Comment by Mari Sloan on January 20, 2008 at 10:21am
Yes, Winners Pizza on T.O. Blvd. It's a hole in the wall place, a little hard to see up on the hill, with REALLY good food.
Comment by MysteryDawg on January 20, 2008 at 7:28am
Is this the place on T.O. Blvd? In Moorpark the new Cafe Ferize is excellent. They took over from Bauduccos which was the best in the Conejo for over 30 years.

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