Last week we were welcomed by the chief and toured and received an overview of the department. This week it was drugs and police dogs.The general lecture on street drugs was one that is easily available on the internet, but it felt different when the facts and figures and street prices were tied to the streets I drive on every day.

The police dog was amazing. All I can say to anyone up against a Belgian Malinois police dog and who is silly enough to judge these animals by their size is... " I hope you have a plastic surgeon on retainer." They don't match up to a German shepherd in size but the speed of their attack and their ability to launch straight at a target more than make up for a few inches or lbs. Try stopping a 50 lb medicine ball with teeth that slams into your arm or leg, or the back of your neck. Yikes! I saw a French police training video where one of these pups pulled a driver out through the driver's side window of a delivery van, even though the dog's feet weren't on the ground until the driver was ass-over-tea kettle out the window.

I turned in a release form with a request to do a ride-a-long with a k-9 cop. I hope it goes through! Next week we're headed to jail. Happy trails!

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