I can't believe it's been a little over a month since I posted ... as I've mentioned on my own blog, Writing in the Dark, time since January 1st seems to have both compressed and expanded ... just like the universe, according to the people who study those things.

So in my little corner of the cosmos, it's been really busy! Like the Perseid meteor shower ... Advanced Reading Copies of my book are here (which means that yes, it is real, a scary thought). An even scarier thought is that these will now go out to reviewers -- I'm even helping them get there, and who knows what will happen then?

Reviews are a necessary part of the process, but for a debut author, they can be a little intimidating. Make that scary as hell.

So you push it out of your head, concentrate on doing what has to be done, and try not to worry about what people will think of your book.

It's harder than it sounds, and it doesn't sound easy.

I am getting a respite from these thoughts and the assembly of press kit materials and ARC mailings by a trip to Left Coast Crime next week, where I have the honor of being on a couple of terrific panels, with some really terrific writers: MWA Past Perfect (Historical Mysteries) and Shades of Black: Noir at 50 Paces. It's gonna be fun. :)

Y'all stay focused on writing, reading, and being happy, and I'll be back--sooner this time--to chat and catch up.

I've missed my Crimespace!

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