This is my first blog post on CrimeSpace... I'm sorry if it's somewhat negative. I'm usually a very positive person. But, sometimes, people just suck.

We had a snow storm in NY/NJ on Friday (Feb. 22). Inches of snow and hiding patches of ice (I presume). I drove all the way to work - over an hour on a normal day, I was there 20 minutes when my company decided to close. I go home, park my brand new 2008 black Honda Civic coupe in front of my house and left it there all weekend. The weather was bad and I had a lot to do for school and stuff, so I bummed all weekend in the house.

Monday morning I put all my bags in the passenger seat and walk around the front of the car to look for marks because I got hit twice on Friday by those salt trucks. I don't see any marks and am very relieved about this.

I pulled away from the curb and right away something feels off. From the first day I got it, January 7th of this year, it was pulling to the right. Nothing major, a slight pull, but with work and school I hadn't had time to go get it fixed....
Anyway, I look down and my steering wheel is at an almost 90 degree angle and my car was going straight. I went straight to the service station and there is where I found out that my car had been hit. I hadn’t seen it because I went around the front of the car and it was the back driver’s side that got hit.

What kind of person hits another person’s car and does even leave a note or anything?!?

The rental car place wasn’t any better. When they were giving me the car the outside was soaking wet from being washed or just sprayed with the house, which I could have lived with if not for the fact that the inside was filthy! Stains and crumbs and dirt. When I called Enterprise to tell them about it they said to bring it back they would clean it. I had school that night and I work in NJ and they close at 6 every night. I would never make it home in time before they close. When I called back a few days later about getting a different car I mentioned how dirty it was again and again they told me to come in. I told him I didn’t have time to do that and he said to have it professionally cleaned and they would take it off the bill. I’m sorry, but if I don’t have time to take it to you, what makes you think I would have time to take it to a carwash and why should I have to?? This conversation should not have even existed. Oh, and he tells me that it’s hard to motivate the guys that clean the cars… What? How do you tell your customer that? How is that acceptable? It isn’t! I may have to write a letter to the corporate office.

So, Anita (my car) is in the shop, being put back together and I am stuck with a VW bug that just doesn’t compare.

And it’s costing me the $500 deductible plus 17 bucks a day for the rental car that I’ve had since Monday.

Yeah, people just don’t care anymore. There’s a mentality out there that it’s every man for himself. I personally don’t live my life that way. It’s not the way I was raised and it’s not what I believe in my heart.

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