I don't do this very often but, okay, here it is. My publisher is having a contest among us authors. The winner will be whoever sells the most on Amazon.com between now and the end of March. SO if you're the holdout who hasn't ordered their copy of Blood and Bone yet, now's the time.

In BLOOD AND BONE, an 18 year-old boy lies dying of leukemia. Kyle's only hope is a bone marrow transplant, but no one in his wealthy Virginia family can safely supply it. His last chance lies in finding his father, a man who disappeared before he was born. Police and private investigators can find nothing on a trail eighteen years cold.

Kyle's family has nowhere to turn until they learn of a certain troubleshooter, a self-styled knight errant in dark glasses named Hannibal Jones. He has two weeks to find the missing man, but his search turns up much more: A woman who might be Kyle's illegitimate sister, the woman who could be her mother, and the man who may have killed Kyle's father.

Hannibal follows a twisting, winding path of deception, conspiracy and greed, from Washington to Mexico, pursuing the truth. But with each step closer to it he gets, the danger grows.

Help me win, and help yourself to a great read, by getting to Amazon now.

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