Introducing my book character Lindsay Frost

So this is my blog site, huh? Pretty nice. Well here goes. I"m homicide detective, Lindsay Frost. Did I hear you say big deal? Well it is when you consider I'm dead. God stepped out for a beer on the night I needed him most. That was the night I was murdered. I've told my story to a dear friend of mine, author, Scarlett Dean. She was nice enough to get it all down without prejudice, and what do you know? The damn thing sold to 5 Star Publishing! If you're interested in the details of my murder and subsequent capture of the murderer, you'll want to buy the book when it comes out in April 2007. BTW, the title is INVISIBLE SHIELD, and will be available to order through bookstores.

I'm new to blogging but think it's a pretty good way to get the word out about the book and give people a chance to learn a little about me. Just to give you a visual, I'm five-nine, long blond hair worn just passed my shoulders, blue eyes, and a trim but muscular bod. Or at least it used to be. My actual body is buried, but my spirit form remained the same. One thing I've learned in my short time on the other side is that we spend eternity the way we look upon our demise. God I'm glad I wasn't wearing anything embarrassing like workout clothes and a glistening coat of sweat.

Born in North West Indiana in 1975, I grew up in a small town where people were most often nice, or at least pleasant, and even when they weren't they'd use their best manners in telling you off. Yeah, cornfields and cow pies are plentiful in NW Indiana, but there's so much more. We're also known as haunted Indiana, thanks to a local author, Mark Marimen. I never believed in that stuff, but that's all changed. What choice do I have?

I became a cop and worked my way up the ranks, putting a few doubtful mindsets to rest that a woman could work homicide without tossing her cookies at the crime scene. My four years in homicide earned me the respect I'd fought so hard to achieve when my partner, Gerard Alvarez and I closed the most cases. Homicide also taught me a lot about people and the horrible things they do to one another. At least I can have peace knowing I helped put many of those criminals in the cages they belong in. It only took one stray out on the streets to take me down. But I haven't left the job, not by a long shot.

When I died, I learned who my real friends were, and that would include my sister, Kate. Although four years younger, she could easily pass for my twin. At the time of my death, she was a street cop and she took it pretty hard. We always had an unspoken competition between us but that went into the hold mode when we worked together to find my killer. HINT: Read the book!

I see my time has run out--no pun intended. Scarlett's tapping her watch and giving me the hand signal for long winded. So I'll check back with you next month. If ol' Scarlett will let me, I'd like to bring Kate in on the next blog. She's sure to have a lot to say. Until then, keep an eye out for the unseen things in life, because you never know when someone is watching.

BTW, if you want to send me messages, just send them to Scarle'tt's site. She's agreed to share her crimespace, as there are no cyber bars here on the other side.


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Comment by Dennis Leppanen on July 12, 2007 at 7:20am
Very interesting...

How did you like your experience with Five Star? I'm in the early stages.
Comment by Ray Baisden on May 21, 2007 at 11:43am
Hmmmm. You leave me wondering where the writer and the character intersect. Well done, and it's clearly captured my interest.
Comment by Lesa Holstine on April 20, 2007 at 10:22am
If you're looking for something a little different, I'd recommend Invisible Shield. How easy is it to work your own crime scene?

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