My first author interview and next writing projects

It is still in progress, but the first two installments of my discussion and interview with Qiu Xiaolong appear on Nearly Nothing but Novels. What a kind man and a terrific novelist. I took a break to read his two latest novels and write a bunch of environmental posts elsewhere, but I'll wrap it up soon.

On the subject of the environment, I just spoke (rather unexpectedly) at my State representative's "State of the State" address: I'm multitasking so much that I guess I didn't read the emails carefully, and thought that Maria just wanted text from me for her own address. But no, so I had to rush down to the public library and speak on the environment and environmental policy. It was an honor and a pleasure to join Maria Chappelle-Nadal (D, University City, MO).

Next on the writing agenda agenda for me is reviewing a wonderful photography show, "Body of Water, Body of Land," by William Lesch of Tuscon, Arizona. The show was curated by the artist and educator Betsy Morris here in St. Louis, at St. Louis Community College's Meramec Contemporary Art Gallery.

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