I haven't been posting reviews here recently - as I've been RSS feeding my blog in instead, but every now and again a book comes along that you want to let people know about - and Blood Sunset's definitely it!

The Synopsis of the book starts:

When the sun lowers itself into the bay and leaves the sky over St Kilda a dark crimson, it's beautiful and threatening at the same time. But the tourists don't see it that way. They only see the pretty colours and the calm water, the restaurants and the palm trees. They don't see the stabbings and the fights, the brawls and the rapes...

When a young runaway is found dead in St Kilda one morning, a syringe hanging out of his arm, no one is terribly shocked. A known junkie, the kid's criminal record is as long as the Scenic Railway. Even local detective Rubens McCauley is quick to conclude that Dallas Boyd died of an accidental overdose.

http://www.austcrimefiction.org/node/4527 for the review in full. (It's good. It's very good!)

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