When people hear that my mystery novels are set in Washington DC they often ask if they are steeped in political intrigue. I usually try to stay away from the politics but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy books that use the federal side of the DC setting. One recent fun example is Julie Hyzy's debut novel, "State of the Onion."

As you might guess by the title, this fun story involves both the president and food. The amateur sleuth is Assistant White House chef Olivia Paras. She has to stop an assassin's plot while trying to beat out the competition for the Executive Chef's job. Hyzy manages to portray the inner workings of the White House with a bit more authenticity than West Wing ever did while spinning a delightful mystery plot. And as an added bonus, you get to see how the Commander in Chief and his family really eat. For a taste of a side of Washington you won't see in my books, Check out State of the Onion. -

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