Ah! Spring!! I took Friday (5/23) off for a nice and much needed four-day weekend. Hope everyone’s plans for this Memorial Day weekend includes some reflection, a cook out or two with friends and family, and lots of fun and relaxation. For me it's a chance to get started with deep cleaning our home. House cleaning isn't my focus these days but it drives me nuts to not have a clean house. I'll get done what I can, and get some gardening in later this afternoon.

Then again, anyone who knows me, knows where my interests lie -- writing and I hope to get some of that done this weekend too. It's been just over a year since my crime mystery, SILENCED CRY came out in print. Fortunately, it wasn't affected by the Amazon hoopla that happened a few weeks ago. They've reduced the price on it, by the way, if anyone is interested. ;) If you must have an autographed copy, that can certainly be arranged. ;)

These first five months of the year have been exceptionally busy and exciting for me. I received the contract for THE BLACK PEARL in April (no, it's not about pirates -- it's better LOL). It's scheduled to come out in the fall. I received word from my publisher that I'll be able to take pre-orders for it near the end of summer. More on this later. In the meantime, I've started work on the third book, GRAVE WITNESS which I hope to have out in 2009.

Interestingly enough, while working out a scene in GRAVE WITNESS, a new character emerged. She jumped off the page, got in my face and demanded her own PI series. She's pretty, how should I put it? Forceful ... so I may have to do as she says. Anyone interested in reading her brief back story?

And then ... there is ... the author blog, MURDER BY 4 that I launched at the end of February 2008 along with three long-time friends and Gather members, Aaron Lazar, S. W. Vaughn, and Kim Smith. Several of you are familiar with it. Thanks SO much for stopping by and posting your comments. What started off as a nice little blog to pool our work together has mushroomed into a fantastic network of authors (new and established), publishers, editors, reviewers, and a great collection of writing related articles -- many more to come. I'd love for you to stop by and say hi. May 18th marked our 90 days on the web and we are already past our 3,300 visitor! Amazing! If you're an author (any genre) or have anything to do with the publishing world and would like to be a featured guest, contact me via the MB4 site for a copy of our submission guidelines.

So what's up this summer? I'm really excited that I'm going to meet my friend and fellow Sister in Crime member, Liz Zelvin on one of her book tour stops on June 4 at Borders in Indianapolis (IN). Can't wait to read her new book DEATH WILL GET YOU SOBER. I submitted SILENCED CRY to a couple of contests, one here in Indiana and another in New York -- won't know the results until laster this summer. If it wins you'll know as soon as I know. Fingers crossed y'all. I've answered questions for a couple of interview. No date yet set for a posting. However, if you happen to be in Indianapolis, IN on August 9, be sure to stop by the Home and Family Arts building on the State Fair grounds. I and several other Hoosier authors will be participating in an authors' showcase where I'll be selling/signing books and hopefully will have a chance to introduce homicide detective Sam Harper to lots of new fans. :)

Here's hoping everyone has a safe and great weekend!

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