This officially comes out tomorrow, June 1st. It's the fourth novel of mine to come out on my small press -- the sixth title overall in the Active Bladder catalog. For now, it's available mailorder from me and Amazon for $10. If your book budget is stretched to the max, you can read the entire 45,000 novel at the Johnny Ostentatious website in the Novels section. Pasted below is the back-cover copy:

Marie Dougherty thought her life was a fairy tale: she had a great job, a nice house in the suburbs and a picture-perfect marriage. All that ended one Friday night when coming home from happy hour. At a red light, her husband, Matthew, jumped out of their car without warning. He disappeared down an alley in one of the seedier parts of Philadelphia, leaving Marie perplexed and alone.

Not knowing what to do, Marie calls up her childhood friend, the punk-rocking Nick Marsh (from Ostentatious' Noir Reunion). Soon, the two are traveling up and down the east coast, chasing Matthew's fading trail.

With Marie's world falling apart, she questions her old life. Was Matthew having an affair? Does he want to be found? And why does the organization CUN--T keep turning up?

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