Today's the day! Freezer Burn is in stores now!

Freezer Burn, the third book in my Philadelphia-based series of forensic crime thrillers, is on sale now. Freezer Burn follows the career of rookie forensic technican Madison Cross, now on the job for nine months and trading in one set of problems for another as she takes on her toughest case yet.

Or as it says on the cover:

The Crime Scene Unit knows that even the most cold-blooded killers leave clues.

A bag full of body parts. A man thrown from a car. A shriveled corpse. A gangster, tortured and killed. Besides the fact that the C.S.U. found them on the same day, it seems the cases have nothing in common. But, when interwoven, they point to a plot more elaborate than anything C.S.U. newbie Madison Cross has seen. To investigate, she’ll have to descend into Philly’s underworld of gang brutality, then rise to the highest echelon of organized crime. But both the gang and the killer hope to see her eliminated, once and for all.


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