This is my first "post" since joining Crime Space, and I'm probaby preaching to the choir (sorry for the cliche) but it's something that needs to be said.

I had an event at the Mystery Company in Carmel Indiana this past week, along with several other writers, and we had over 70 people in attendance. This was due, in no small part, to the efforts of store owner Jim Huang.

Jim has been a big (and early) supporter of mine as I suspect he has with many of you. And Jim is only one of many indepenedent book store owners.

In these times of cut-throat competition, I wanted to point out that nothing sells a book like "buzz" and there are no better "buzzers" than the men and women who own the independent mystery bookstores around the country. They are kindred spirits who appreciate the genre in which we write - and read.

If you're a writer, support them. Mention them on your website, arrange for events at their stores which will bring in the reading public. If you're a reader, you can support them too.

Lets help our friends in this business. Lord knows, you can't have too many of them.


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